Vertical Farming at Home: What Devices are Available?

7. Sep. 2023

Fresh herbs and vegetables straight from the kitchen shelf. What was hardly imaginable just a few years ago is already a reality today. Indoor gardening systems (small vertical and hydroponic farms for the home) have now also become popular for private households. Most of the units are planted via substrate pods (a capsule equipped with seeds, nutrient substrate and access points for water) that are simply inserted into the openings provided. We have adopted the proprietary names of the substrate pods for the respective system to avoid confusion.

Click and Grow

Click & Grow is without a doubt the most popular indoor smart garden. While offering a big variety of different systems, the three pods system is their best-selling model. Like most indoor smart gardens it operates hydroponically while being equipped with a LED-Lamp for perfect grow.

All of these systems run hydroponically and are planted with plant pods. What's special here is that Click and Grow has developed a special "smart soil" that controls nutrients and pH during growth. What we find great is that the Plant-Pods can be ordered without seeds. So you can also try out and plant your own seeds.

Buy: Click & Grow Smart Garden | 75 $


The AeroGarden Home Harvest is an indoor smart garden. The hydroponic setup allows you to grow crops up to 5x faster than in soil. The easy to use three button smart panels tells you when to add plant food, water or turn off the lights. AeroGarden offers a variety of seed pods, going from herbs to vegetables or even flowers.

Buy: AeroGarden White Harvest Inddor Hydroponic Garden | 118,99 $

VegeBox 12

The VegeBox 12 is where you get the biggest bang for your buck. Being an indoor smart garden it operates completey hydroponic. What we love about the VegeBox is, that you have the option between buying seed pods from VegeBox directly, or even try to germinate your own seedlings.

Buy: VegeBox 12 Pods Hydroponic Growing System | 83,99 $

For us, it is clear that vertical farming is the future of food supply in urban areas. The companies and products presented here are a great start for any person who already wants to get involved and grow their own vegetables and herbs at home.

13 Disadvantages of Vertical Farming
Besides being an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to grow fruits and vegetables, vertical farming also comes with some drawbacks. We have summarized them here


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