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The Most Important Supplements for a Keto Diet

7. Sep. 2023

In this article we will look at the most important supplements for a keto diet. Although these are not absolutely necessary for a keto diet, they help to reach the state of ketosis faster and mitigate the initially often negative effects of the change.

Let's start with the substances that can actually be used by anyone who gives up meat. Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin D are indispensable for people who live vegan, and it doesn't matter whether the diet is ketogenic or not.

Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones could be thoroughly supportive. These ketones supplied from outside (exogenously), usually beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), help the body to switch more quickly to ketone metabolism. This also helps to bridge the typical periods of sleepiness and fatigue.

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Probiotics are preparations made from microorganisms that support digestion and the immune system. So there is no question that probiotics have a positive effect on a keto vegan diet.

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At proteins, it lacks a ketogen living person probably rather rarely. For keto-vegan people, however, it is not wrong to also resort to a high-quality protein powder. Protein powder helps regulate appetite and provides a good serving of amino acids as well.
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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is good and important for healthy skin, hair and nails, but also for digestion as well as joints. In order to cover the collagen balance even with a keto-vegan diet and to keep connective tissue etc. healthy, it is also recommended to take collagen additionally via dietary supplements.

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With a strict ketogenic diet, it becomes difficult to take in enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For this very reason, keto-vegans should regularly turn to low-starch vegetables. But even then, it is recommended to resort to a multi-vitamin supplement. Because, a keto diet leads to increased kidney function and thus more water and more electrolytes are excreted. Multi-vitamins serve as an additional buffer here, as many supplements contain additional trace minerals.

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Digestive Enzymes

One thing is certain, whether vegan or not, a ketogenic diet is very high in fat. Thus, especially in the initial stages of a keto diet, digestive problems and suboptimal absorption of nutrients can occur. For this reason, in addition to probiotics, we recommend taking enzymes for fat digestion.

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The MCT in MCT oil stands for "medium chain triglycerides" or medium chain triglycerides. Probably every person who has ever dealt with ketogenic nutrition has heard of it. It is by far the most popular supplement among ketogenic people. It helps maintain the state of ketosis and reduces appetite. The special thing about MCTs is that they are fats that are easily converted into energy. Thus, they reliably provide energy and improve endurance as well as performance.
Coconut fat/coconut oil has the highest MCT content compared to other foods and fats. However, we recommend taking MCT oil in its pure form, as this again allows you to pay close attention to the amount you take in. This is usually obtained from coconut fat.

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